Monday, July 15, 2013

Week#2 - Games, Quizzes, & Activities

       To Do
  • Explore activity sites and use Diigo to bookmark your favorite sites
    Use our Hangout to share and comment on any interesting finds 
  • Create something with Quizlet, Profprofs, or Wallwisher and post it on your blog
  • Create other kinds of games using websites or downloadable programs
  • Create a short blog post about your thoughts on activity resources and using them in your teaching

Quizlet Options


Help edit this set by registering at Quizlet (confirm your email), joining the BUFS TTP class(wait for Jeff to accept your enrollment), and then edit the set.

  Trailers with subtitles:     Dotsub Trailers
  Self-subtitling sites:

Subtitle download Sites

TV & Movie Subtitles & Transcripts Script-o-rama SimplyScript (Korean Subtitles)

English Subtitles for Korean shows

Short skit scripts

LazyBee Scripts     Short Plays and Simple Scripts    FreeDrama Short Scripts    Fables
    Reader's Theater     Timeless Teacher Scripts

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