Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week#12 - Some final Buffet Items

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  • TTP Vocab 1: 3884624
  • Red Team Vocab 1:  3883987
  • Red Team Vocab 2:  3884604
  • Adjective Forms  3883979
  • Verb Forms  3883986
  • Empty Set: 3885542

Quizizz  (advantages vs. Kahoot)
Resources & Tutorials

To Play, go to  and get the access code

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Padlet  - Using Padlet Screemcast

Our Demo Padlet - What are you most looking forward to during your time in Australia?  (food, shopping, learning, cultural experiences)  (previous Padlet Wall here)

Made with Padlet

오정훈's examples - example1  example2 
Similar tools listed here  Demo below. Double click to add a note. 

Graphic Organizers,  Mindmaps, 

Take a look at the guides for Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps.

Try to create a simple mindmap or graphic organizer and post it on your blog.


To Do 

  • Create Charades sets and post the codes on your blog.
  • Create Quizizz - post links on your blog and/or share live codes with classmates
  • Experiment with Graphic Organizer and Mindmap tools. 

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