Sunday, June 23, 2019

Feed Us...with Feedly!

Feed Us with Feedly!

Using an RSS Reader like to subscribe to sites you like.
We will do this in class together, but if you have any additional questions, you can watch the screencast below.  In order to get things set up, you will need to download the TTP2019 opml file

Step#1: Download these two files

Step#2: Go to and Log in with your Google Account

Step#3:  Click your ID icon in the bottom left and 'Organize Sources'. 

Step#4: Click 'Import OPML'  and find the files you downloaded.
Start with ttp2020.opml and then assorted-feeds.opml.
It will take a minute or two to process all of the feeds. 

Slightly outdated screencast guide

Please create a blog post about and/or including some of the things you've found via Feedly. 

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