CALL Fall 2012 – Week#6

Welcome to the final week of CALL.  If you would like to spend your time reviewing materials from previous weeks, feel free. If you’d like to explore further, here are some items left on the buffet…

  • Audio Guide – lots of ‘comprehensible input’ options and how to record and edit audio files
  • Presentations – alternatives to Powerpoint (Prezi & Voicethread) and online sharing/posting of presentations
  • Mapping Tools – create customized maps, post them on your site
  • Graphic Organizers and  Mind Mapping  – find templates or make your own
  • Site Building Tools – Other ways to create a blog, website, or Wordle
  • Google Photos (Picasa) – lots of space to post and selectively share photos, easy to upload from your smart phone
  • Copyright & Fair Use – find sources of ‘open’ photos, clipart, music, and other media
  • English Central Guide – great site for ‘extensive listening’, vocabulary development, and speaking practice. 

To Do 

  • Make sure you have enrolled in the 5+1 English Central Course Page
  • By the end of this week, please create a short post on your blog
    – reflecting on which CALL tools, skills, and, resources might be useful to you in the future teaching and learning
    – which CALL tools, skills, and resources you’d like to learn more about
  • If desired, set up email forwarding so that your Gmail will be forwarded to your regular email (hanmail, naver, etc.)
  • If you like, join the 5+1 Facebook Group

New Tasks to Try

  • Upload a photo to your Google Photo space
  • Download a presentation from Slideshare or embed one on your blog
  • Post a text, audio, or Voicethread comment on Jeff’s TTP Voicethread
  • Create a VoiceThread and post it on your blog
  • Create a Prezi and post it on your blog
  • Record and edit a piece of audio as an mp3 file and post it on your blog
  • Add a placemark to a Google Map
  • Embed a Google Map on your blog
  • Record and edit an audio file and save it (export it) as an mp3 file

Review Tasks
Can you remember how to….

  • Make text in your browser window larger or smaller?
  • Look through your classmates blog posts in Google Reader? 
  • Bookmark a site and share it with the Learning Call Diigo Group
  • Create a Google Presentation and post it on your blog?
  • Create your own Jeopardy Game?
  • Create a quiz with ProProfs?
  • Challenge Jeff to a game of Words with Friends?
  • Post to the 5+1 Facebook Group?
  • Create a survey with Google Doc Form and post it on your blog?
  • Download a video file from YouTube? Edit video with Windows Movie Maker and post it on your blog and/or YouTube?
  • ‘Hangout’ with a classmate? Stream it live and record it on YouTube?