PBWorks Guide


PBWorks.com allows you to
create a type
of website called a ‘wiki’. This can be a useful way to create a
website, especially when collaborating with others. They also allow you
to upload files (including Hot Potatoes activies and audio files) in a
way that others can access directly.

To get started, follow the instructions below.

Go to https://my.pbworks.com/?p=create
and fill out the basic information

Check your amil and click on the link including in the email.
PBWorks Guide

You will be taken to a page that includes…
PBWorks Guide
Click on ‘Create a workspace’.

Find Basic/Free at the bottom of the page and click ‘select’.
PBWorks Guide

Choose the address for your wiki. Select ‘For Education’ and check ‘I
agree…’. Then click ‘next’.
PBWorks Guide

Allow anyone to view your workspace, check ‘I agree…’ and Take me to
my workspace.
PBWorks Guide

You can then ‘create a page’, upload files, ‘edit’ the page, or use the
navigation to see default pages or pages that you created.
PBWorks Guide
When you click upload files, you’ll see a list of files you’re already

on one of those files and then click the ‘Download’ tab.

You will be able to see your page, and copy the URL to post it to your

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