Week 2

  • Tips & Tricks – little things you can do to make your time online easier and more efficient.

  • Make sure you have created a blog at blogger.com and added that address to your Google Doc Portfolio from Week#1To find that document, sign in to your gmail and click ‘Document’s or go to docs.google.com
  • Finding, creating, & publishing activities & games.
     Activities Guide    Hot Potatoes Guide
    Task: Create a few sample Hot Potatoes activities, save them in c:temp and on your USB Drive
    You will not be able to attach these directly to your blog.  Next week, we will use PBWorks for that purpose (feel free to take a sneak peek now)
  • Create a short blog post about your thoughts and/or experiences about using computer based activities  (in class and/or for personal use).  This can include ideas on how to use them,  joys and frustration of creating them, and/or comments about useful sites.

Prepare for next week (optional)
Before the beginning of next class,  register for accounts at Skype (for live text, audio, & video chat), Diigo (social bookmarking),and PbWorks (file storage and wiki)
Get ready for some Audio Fun.