Language Learning Activities – Creating, Finding, & Using them

Computer based games, activities, and quizzes are perhaps the most common examples of CALL. These can be created with downloadable software or online services. It is possible to create activities using a program on your computer (like Hot Potatoes) or online site (like Kahoot. Quizizz, ProProfs , Quizlet, or Google Forms). There are also many, many activities already online that you can access and sometimes download.

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Finding Activities


 Sites with Online Activities and Materials and test taking prep

Downloadable Powerpoints

Sites for Young Learners

Sites designed specifically to provide test taking preparation

Creating Activities

   Online Activity Generators
* =
a site that allows you to create activities that students can play online (not just print out)

Classroom Management Sites (with activities included)

Misc. Tools

Downloadable Tools

You can find more at this list and description of online activity tools.

 Hot Potatoes is an old but still common program used to create activities.
If you don’t already have Hot Potatoes installed on your computer,  you can download it (for free) here

Guide:  Jeff’s Hot Potatoes Guide  Jeff’s screencast guide
Other Guides:  Official HotPotatoes Tutorial Guide

Look at examples of different kinds of Hot Potatoes activities below

Jquiz JCloze JMatch JMix JCross
exercise exercise 1
 exercise 2
exercise 1
exercise 2 
exercise 1
exercise 2

A couple of websites that use Hot Potatoes