Google Photos (Picasa)

Google’s photo hosting service is/was called Picasa. Picasa is both a program you can download and the name for their online storage space. You can also access your photos in Google+ or from any Google interface by clicking ‘More/Photos’.  In order to post a slideshow of your photos on a blog, you’ll need to access … Read more

Chat Tools

Chat Tools Chat can be a useful in a variety of ways for langauge learners. It can allow them practice their writing skills and overcome the affective filters that can be part of using their L2 to interact with others. There no formal assignment for this Training page, but feel free to blog about any … Read more

Social Networking Guide

Social Networking  From Wikipedia: A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as message boards, e-mail, instant messaging, and live audio/video interaction. Screencast Guide Here One of … Read more

Video Guide (2011~2013)

Language Learning Sites      Download Video Tools      Editing Video Screencapturing/Screencasting     Watching TV & Movies     YouTube Tips  Some of these resources are now out of date. Visit the Updated Video Guide for more current resources. Video  Sites for Language Learning Ted Talks – Cutting edge presentations from the ‘TED Conferences’ around the … Read more

Adding Gadgets to your Blogger Blog

From your Blogger Dashboard, click Design Make sure your on the ‘Page Elements’ Tab Click ‘Add a Gadget’ on the side bar Look through the different categories, select gadgets of interest Adjust settings if deisred. Then Click ‘Save’. Click and drag the gadget into the order you want. Click Save again in the upper right.

Google Maps

How-to Video Add a placemark to the PUFS TTP 2011a Map (your home, school, favorite vacation spot, etc. ) Here is a the TTP in Sacramento Map View TTP in Sacramento in a larger map

Recording a Skype Call

To record a Skype Call, go to Download MP3 Skype Call Recorder and install it.Site here   Download File here Open the program and selectRecording Mode: mono Recording Bitrate: 128Uncheck both boxes at the bottom left.Press the red button to record.

Google Presentations Guide

Creating & Publishing a Google Presentation Login to your Gmail account and click ‘Drive’. A new window will opne up. Click ‘Create new’/ Presentation’ Another new window will open. This is your Google presentation.  To create and edit new slides, use the top menu or RIGHT click on slides. You can export your presentation as … Read more

Google Reader

RSS Readers  (allow you to subscribe to any site with rss) Google Reader was discontinued by Google in July of 2013.  There are a variety of alternatives including Feedly, Bloglines, TheOldReader, and more (listed here). Google reader allows you to view an unlimited number of blogs (or any sites with an RSS feed)  on one … Read more