CALL Task Teams

For the next few weeks, we will work together to produce CALL-related materials for use in your teaching. In groups, discuss what type of materials would be most useful. Make a list of specific materials you’d like to produce.  Post that list on your blog and start creating!

Possible Creations

  • YouTube Playlists  (e.g. Class Starter Videos, Culture,  Language Learning, etc. )
  • Create Padlets/Word Clouds Powtoons, Kahoots, Vokis, Storyboards, Mindmaps, graphic organizers for specific parts of your textbook or teaching.

  • Create Quizlets and/or Memrises for specific vocabulary sets
  • Find study materials from the Activity Guide for grammar topics your cover.

  • Create Screencasts (CALL tutorials or student tasks)

  • Use Google Forms to create Week#1 Questionnaire or other survey.

  • Class a  Blog Template for your class website.
  • Curate a set of feeds for your own learning or professional development (or your students).
  • Create ‘Flipped Classroom’ materials you can use.
  • Anything else using to what we’ve covered in class or other CALL tools

Shared Resources