Online Reading Resources


Reading Portals

Free lesson plans and materials provided by the International Reading Association.  You can search for materials by keyword, grade level, and resource type. They also provide a variety of materials on reading-related professional development.

Popular in American Classrooms. More than 1000 leveled books (27 levels), multiple genres, comes with worksheets, flashcards, supplemental materials.  $100/classroom, but provides a sample of free materials.

English reading from
A reading portal that includes articles on reading strategies,  reading level tests,  links to free books, level based readings with pre-reading vocabulary and post-reading quizzes.

From a U.S. public television station, resources about teaching reading., author Interviews, and  themed booklists.
Excellent resource for younger students learning to read, but most content is too childish for middle schoolers.   

Sources of Reading Materials – Assorted Literature

English E-reader – a nice selection of graded readers that include recent publications Public domain audio books available for browsing. Easy to search, nice interface.


Thousands of of classics online – some free, some not. Site also includes reading groups, discussions, and reviews.

The Literature Network
Mostly old classics, but some books by H.G. Wells, Henry O. and Jonathon Swift might be age-appropriate.  Some books also include quizzes and discussions.

The Online Books Page

Project Gutenberg Children
Fighting the Whales
More than 1,000,000 books available, but many are old or not age-appropriate.

Booksie Young Adult Section
40,000+ plus short stories, novels, and essays written and published by users.  Other users can comment on stories (which usually includes very authentic teenage language)

Dozens of stories for use as ‘Mad Libs’. Good part of speech practice.

  Reading Materials – Storybooks and Read Aloud

International Children’s Digital Library
The Alien
1000’s of children’s books from around the world , sortable by age level and book type.

Story Online
Videos of famous people reading storybooks. Includes printable handouts with activities, but not the original text of the books.

FreeKidsBooks    Free downloadable storybooks.

Allows users to make their own visual stories using contributed illustrations. Thousands of user generated stories to read and discuss.

Children’s Storybooks Online
Illustrated books sorted by level (young children, older children, young adults)

Tarhell Reader
Hundreds of easy-to-read  user-generated books illustrated by using Flickr photos. Children’s Library
Thousands of copyright-free children’s books in a variety of formats (e.g.pdf, mobi, html).
List of Children’s Books for Reading
Links to many sources of free children’s books and reading material

A collection of 365 short stories for language learners. Each story include a slowly read audio and there are also quiz and dictation activities for each story. .

An assortment of stories, poems, and tongue twisters – some with audio recordings.

A few dozen American folk tales retold within several basic easy-reading paragraphs.


  Book Reviews, Recommendations, and Discussions

Affiliated sites that provide book reviews, author interviews, and reading lists.

Reviews, recommendations, ‘best of’ lists,  and discussions of recent books


  Sources of Reading Materials – articles and news stories

Eight different sites (e.g., and that have thousands of lessons on a variety of topics.  Each is based on a short text and provides a variety of print-ready activities and sometimes audio recordings.

BBC news stories with activities and downloadable materials and audio
Daily subtitled video news with a transcript and teaching materials.

ManyThings Reading
Hundreds of short readings (many from Voice of America) with audio recordings. Also includes a large collection of jokes.

Sources of high-interest authentic reading materials for adolescents

Time for Kids
Simplified articles from the magazine, Kid reporters, and lesson materials. Seventeen magazine

Fashion, Beauty, and Celebrity articles aimed at teen girls

Teen Ink
Fiction and non-fiction writings by teens for teens

Discovery Girls
Aimed at tween girls. Main magazine unavailable online, but blog posts and discussions are.

AImed at teen girls – full text of stories on style, health, advice, entertainments, and fun. Some content might be to ‘adult’ for middle school students

Originally a scouting oriented magazine.  Includes video game reviews, jokes, and blogs.
Print-friendly materials on countries, animals, and science.  The site also has a variety of videos, games, puzzles, and photo activities.  

Produced by National Wildlife Federation.  Many animal-related articles and some comic style stories.  The site also includes games and print-ready handouts, posters, and activities.

Students from around the world meet to talk about issues, present their ideas, and respond to other children. This site also includes a chat forum with live message exchange.


Kidjutsu, Comics for Kids
Free comics sorted by type and age level

Dr. Frost   Comic    Discussion
International comics translated into different languages (mostly English)

Large selection of comics for sale, but with a decent selection of free ones which change weekly. Some might not be appropriate for middle schoolers.

  Korea-related Materials

Short articles about Kpop in English

Short Kpop articles and musician profiles

Kpop celebrity news and very active discussion forums

Includes Kpop news, event reports, and current event stories

Kpop lyrics romanized and translated into English, along with some Kpop news stories
English lyrics for Kpop songs
English Subtitles (.srt files) for Korean movies and TV shows

English Language Bloggers in Korea

English Discussions about life in Korea

Transcripts, Subtitles, & Lyrics
Sites that contain lyrics for thousands of popular English songs
A-Z Lyrics
Lyric Training (interactive with music videos

Transcripts for English Movies & TV Shows
Internet Movie Script Database
Movie Scripts & Screenlays

Sites where you can download .srt files (subtitles) for English movies & TV Shows
TV Subtitles
OpenSubtitles   (Korean Subtitles)  
Subtitle Seeker SubTitleSeeker

  Extensive Reading

ER Central
Dedicated to developing an Extensive Reading and Extensive Listening approach to foreign and second language learning. Lots of potential resources – many still ‘coming soon’.

Rob Waring’s ER Page
A variety of resources and explanations of What, How, and Why of ER

Extensive Reading Foundation
Graded reader lists, Yearly awards, professional organization information

Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA)
Bilingual site that  fosters learning and academic excellence by working with members, institutions, and individuals to create a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching environment for Extensive English reading education in Korea.

Online level tests from different publishers.
Ace Reader’s Free Reading Test

Book Report Forms


  Assorted Tools for Teaching Reading
Screen Readers  List of options at:
Speakit: Chrome Extension
Dictionary Extensions  

Google Dictionary

These can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online.

Other Options

Online HIghlighters
Diigo   (browser plugins: )
An excellent social bookmarking tool that allows you to bookmark sites online, highlight certain sections, and add sticky notes. Diigo Search for reading+efl links:

Standalone Chrome Extensions


Tremendous resource for reference, asking language questions, and printable handouts.

Tells how common a word is based on the British National Corpus.

Google Translate
Aside from translation, provides authentic usage examples from the web, pronunciation, and a saveable phrasebook.

Provides a graphic representation of how words are related and provides nuanced definitions.

SImilar style to Visual Thesaurus

100,000+ articles that use a more basic level of English. easier sentence structure, and more limited vocabulary

  Assorted  Sites and Tools not specifically related to reading

Mobile friendly, make-your-own  flashcard site with thousands of existing sets. Automatically creates learning activities, games,and quizzes from the sets.

Speech-to-text animation.  Users can choose a character design and either type what they want the character to say or record the audio.  

ELLLO (English Listening Laboratory Online)
Provides audio and video of people having authentic English conversations. Recordings include a transcript and activities for vocabulary development and comprehension.

On the street interviews with native English speakers. Each video comes with a transcript and learning activities.

  Mobile Tools & Resources

Amazon Free Downloads

Search Amazon’s kindle store for terms like ‘young adults’, ‘teen books’, ‘children’s literature’, or a specific title or genre. Then sort by ‘Price: Low to High’. You will need to set up an Amazon account, but once you have done so, you can download the Kindle file (.azw) to your computer. You can then use a program like Calibre

( to view the book or convert it to a pdf or other mobile formats.  You can also convert the tile to simple text, if you’d like to use that for presentation materials.


The free version  comes 25 short stories that can be used to assess the students reading fluency and comprehension. Premium versions ($2~$4) includes 250+ stories.  

Hundreds of comic strips viewable on a mobile device.


Reading Bee ESL English
Uses readings on current events, science, health, economics, US history

Level-based reading comprehension activities