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Most of you probably already know how to create Powerpoint presentations. In case you don’t there are some guides below. This skills page will focus more on how to find, publish, and share useful presentations. Firstly, it’s worth nothing that Powerpoint is not the only option for creating presentations and whereas Powerpoint costs hundreds of dollars to legally purchase, some other optoins are free.

There are also a number of sites that allow people to upload their presentations so that other people can view (and sometimes download) them. Some of these are:

  • Slideshare – largest collection of online presentations. Search for anything and you’ll probably find it. 
  • Authorstream – includes the option for users to include audio narration
  • You can also search through thousands of other presentations on these sites.  Here are links to presentations tagged with EFL or ESL
  • Slideshare  search   EFL and ESL Authorstream search  EFL and ESL VoiceThread  ESL   EFL You can also search through these sites using specific terms like ‘english grammar’ or ‘efl education’ To search through public Google Presentations, go to and start your search with ‘site:‘ 

    Here are some specific examples:

    • Some presentations from Prezi, Slideshare and Authorstream can be downloaded, but you’ll need to create an account with each in order to do so.  Presentations made with Google Docs can also be downloaded, but there is currently no directory listing the Google Presentations.  You can however go to Google and enter “site:”  before your search term.  (e.g. searching for site: Subordinate conjunctions)

    Downloadable Powerpoints

    Free Presentation Templates (Google Slides & PPT) Google Slides

    How to embed presentations on your blog


    Below a Prezi presentation, click ’embed’.

    You can then select your desired width and copy the embed code.

    From your Powtoon Dashboard, click ‘show details’ for the desired presentation. 

    Then select the ‘share’ tab, choose your desired size, and copy the code.  


    On the presentation page (Slideshare or other site), click ’embed’ and copy the code. Customize if you wish.

    Create a new post on your blog. Give it a title. Click ‘edit html’. Paste the code, label appropriately.

    How to download online presentations
    From Slideshare
    First, log in to your Slideshare or Authorstream account. When users publish presentations, they have the choice of making it available for download or not. If a presentation is downloadable, you’ll be able to click on the download link.  You can also select the download option when searching for content, so that you’ll only see downloadable presentations. When you find one you’d like to download, you should see a ‘download’ link at the top of the presentation. Click that and save the file.      

    From Google Presentations

    If you see a Google Presentation embedded on a page (like on this page: ) click Menu
    Then cick the link to the presentation that looks like this
    On that page, click Actions/Download at PPT

    Below are some additional resources.  You don’t have to do anything with these.  They are just here for your information. Guides

    Tech How to’s