Spring 2018: Weeks #1 & 2 – Course Overview and Setup

Week#1, Hour#3 Goals

1) Make sure you have added these folders to your Google Drive:

  • TTP2018 Course Materials
  • TTP2018 Teaching Demonstrations
  • Your TTP Journals
  • Your TTP Writings 

2) Make a copy of the  Mini-presentation Overview Form and add it to your Teaching Demonstration Folder.

3) Go to the 
Websites page and explore some of the TILL related websites.  Use Diigo to bookmark at least three websites.

4) Post your own Quizlet set on your blog.  Quizlet screencast guide (embedding how-to begins around 2:45)

The goal of the first two weeks is to get oriented to the course, acquainted with each other, and get set up with some of the accounts and tools we’ll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the TILL buffet).

Week#1&2 Tasks:

           … and others

Apps to Install


Google Docs

Android   Apple

Google Translate

Android   Apple


Android   Apple

Extra Special Super Important Very Fun Week#1 Assignment Post a 1~5 minute INTRODUCTION VIDEO to the your the TTP Whole Group BAND
You can take a ‘selfie video’ with your phone or get help from a friend. Be as creative as you like!  (e.g. give a tour of your home, take us out with you on Friday night, sing your favorite song, etc.) If you have any problems uploading the video to the Band, email the file to Jeff at [email protected]

Join the TTP Bands