Spring 2019: Weeks #1 & 2 – Course Overview and Setup

End of Week#2 Tasks

Preparing for Mini-presentation#1
TILL Tasks (Week 1 & 2)
  • Create a Blogger Blog, post something
  • Create a Quizlet Account and your own Quizlet with the title ‘My Name TTP Vocab’
  • Create a Diigo Account (you’ll need to use Jeffnet [password: topsecret] or your own hotspot)
  • Add URL’s to  TTP 2019 Account Info Doc

Reflective Journaling
Extensive Reading
  • Enjoy …. and Update your ER Log

The goal of the first two weeks is to get oriented to the course, acquainted with each other, and get set up with some of the accounts and tools we’ll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the TILL buffet).

Week#1&2 Tasks:

  • Create your Gmail Account.
  • Go to Drive.Google.com (or navigate there from the 9-dot navigation grid.
    Click on ‘Shared with Me’.
    You should see several TTP 2019 folders.
    RIGHT click on each one and click ‘Add to My Drive’. 

           … and others

To experiment with your new blog, try 

 – posting a photo – posting a videoadding ‘gadgets’ to the side of your blog

    • Extra Special Super Important Very Fun Week#1 TaskPost a 1~5 minute INTRODUCTION VIDEO to the your the TTP Whole Group BAND.
      You can take a ‘selfie video’ with your phone or get help from a friend. Be as creative as you like! (e.g. give a tour of your home, take us out with you on Friday night, sing your favorite song, etc.) If you have any problems uploading the video to the Band, email the file to Jeff at [email protected] You can see examples from Jeff here and  here.  

    Join the TTP Bands

    Invite Codes 7829   BIKER

    3313 CANYON


                     5557   BORE

    Apps to Install


    Google Docs

    Android   Apple

    Google Translate

    Android   Apple


    Android   Apple