TES531 Week#3 – Activities (Part 2) & Explorations in the Google Universe

Week#3 To Do Checklist

  • Create a Quizlet set or Proprofs quiz and post it on your blog
  • Continue to bookmark activities and games using Diigo
  • (*attendance task*) Post in the Google+ Community about your thoughts on on the actives, games, and quizzes listed in the Activity Guide. 
  • Watch the Google Universe screencasts below
  • Experiment with the Chrome Speakit and Google Dictionary extensions

    (for the Google Tasks below, you will probably need to watch the Google Screencasts first)

  • Create a short Google Presentation (2 slides is OK) , post it on your blog, and make ‘[email protected]’ an editor. 
  • Upload a photo or two (or 100) to your Google photo space and share them with your TES531 classmates in Google Plus. 
  • Go to the TES531 Experimental Calendar and add an event – it can be real or fake, serious or funny.  If you don’t have access to that calendar it’s because you’re not logged in to Gmail or you haven’t yet sent me your Gmail address.

    As always, when you have questions or get frustrated, please post questions to the LearningCall Google Community or contact me (before suffering too much).

Week#3 Tasks (Detailed)

Activities, Games, & Quizzes (continued)

  • Continue exploring the Games & Activities Guide
    – Bookmark sites of interest using Diigo
    – If you know of other useful activity sites that are not listed on LearningCall.net, please Diigo them and share them with the LearningCall Group.
    – Create either a Quizlet Set or a Profprof Quiz and post it on your blog
        See  How can I embed videos, presentations, and other items into a post?  for information on how to embed  something like into a blog post. 
  • Create a short post in the Google+ Community describing useful sites you’ve seen and/or types of activities or games you’d like to find, but could not. 


Explorations in different parts of the Google Universe
Gmail     Drive    Google Plus
Calendar    Maps   Translate
Video File
Video File
Video File
Video File
(coming soon)
Video File

Hanging Out in the Google Universe
Hangouts can be private or public(referred to as Hangouts On Air).  Hangouts on Air are streamed on YouTube and automatically recorded. 
Google+ Hangout Guide   Some of Jeff’s Hangouts On Air

Chrome TOOLS
There are a a variety of ways to ‘extend’ the Chrome browser to add functionality.
You can see all extentsions in the ‘Chrome Web Store‘.   (despite the word ‘store’, extensions are free)
Below are some CALL-related extensions.

Screencast Guide>>>:   YouTube    Video File 

Speakit: Chrome Extension 
 List of other screenreader options at: http://usabilitygeek.com/10-free-screen-reader-blind-visually-impaired-users/

Dictionary Extensions  
Google Dictionary 

This can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-dictionary-by-goog/mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgobmjgjcoja?hl=en

Other Options

(Coming up next week, feel free to take a peek)
In-class overview of the Video Guide

  • Sites that use video for language learning
  • Posting Videos on your blog
  • Downloading YouTube and other online videos
  • Editing videos with Windows Movie Maker
  • Watching TV Shows and Movies online
  • Screen capturing & sharing