TTP Week#4 – Video Tools & Resources

  • Look at  The Learning CALL Video Guide and watch the screencasts there
    The guide covers….
    • Sites that use video for language learning
    • Posting Videos on your blog
    • Downloading YouTube and other online videos
    • Editing videos with Windows Movie Maker
    • Watching TV Shows and Movies online
    • Screen capturing & sharing
  • Look at the Language Learning Sites listed on the  Video Guide  Explore the sites listed there.  Use Diigo to bookmark at least three of those or other video sites of interest.

  • Go to, Ted Talks, or other video sharing sites,  find any video of interest, and post it on your blog.
  • Use a video download tool (like Torch or to save a video file from YouTube or another video sharing site.
  • Net Down Activity
    A) Either download a video from the web or use your webcam (or phone) to record one – then use Windows Movie Maker to edit that  video (e.g. shorten it, add subtitles, etc.).  Try to upload the video to YouTube and/or your blog.
    B) Use your Google Translate App to practice minimal pairs and pronunciation sentences.
  • Before the end of the third hour this week, create a blog post that reflects on the resources you’ve encountered in CALL so far and how you might use them in your teaching.
  • (Optional) Use a screencapture tool like Screencast-o-matic to record a screencast and post it to YouTube or your blog.
  • Check out your classmates’ blogs (listed on the the left), and comment on some of the posts.