Week#3 – Fall 2012 (5+1)

Short Review
Diigo Bookmarking & Blogging questions.

Google Docs & Presentations

 Optional Tasks:

Google Reader

Subscribe to all TTP Blogs using Google Reader – Google Reader Guide  & Step by Step Instructions here

  • Go to this Google Drive shared file and click ‘Download’
  • Log in to Gmail, click on Reader, Click on the and select Reader Settings, then Import/Export
  • Choose file (find the file you saved above), click upload. 
  • Then Click ‘Back to Google Reader’ and look at all of the blogs you’re now subscribed to.
  • Visit some of your classmates’ blogs and leave comments.  
  • Also check out some of the blogs in the ‘EFL & Teachers Blogs’  & ‘Bloggers in Korea’ categories. Find other sites or blogs you like and add  them to your Google Reader 

English Central

Any extra time can be sent looking through blogs in your Google Reader or sampling more sites from the CALL Websites Buffet and using Diigo to bookmark sites of interest.  For those with a Facebook account, you can also join the TTP Fall 2012 Facebook Group