Week#3 – Googleverse, Reading Resources, & Media (part 1)

The different spaces in the Google Universe

Gmail    Drive  Photos  Google Plus    Blogger  Calendar   Maps

TTP in Sacramento Map

Hanging Out in the Google Universe
Google+ Hangout Guide   Some of Jeff’s Hangouts

To add classmates to your circles, go to Jeff’s profile and click ‘Add People’ when you see that Jeff has shared a circle with you.

In class: Hangout Text Chat, Video Hangout, Activities Overview
After Tasks: Update your Google+ profile, find others to follow (5+1er’s here), Download Hangout app if interested.

Reading Tools & Resources  from Jeff’s Presentation
of note…


Chrome Portable   Download 

These can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online.

Selected ONLINE SOURCES of Reading Materials

Amazon Free Downloads  http://www.amazon.com/

Search Amazon’s kindle store for terms like ‘young adults’, ‘teen books’, ‘children’s literature’, or a specific title or genre. Then sort by ‘Price: Low to High’. You will need to set up an Amazon account, but once you have done so, you can download the Kindle file (.azw) to your computer. You can then use a program like Calibre

(http://calibre-ebook.com/) [download] to view the book or convert it to a pdf or other mobile formats.  You can also convert the tile to simple text, if you’d like to use that for presentation materials.

(Coming up next, feel free to take a look)
In-class overview of the Video Guide

  • Sites that use video for language learning
  • Posting Videos on your blog
  • Downloading YouTube and other online videos
  • Editing videos with Windows Movie Maker
  • Watching TV Shows and Movies online
  • Screen capturing & sharing

Things to try…

–  Look at the Video Guide  Explore the sites listed there.  Use Diigo to bookmark those or other video sites of interest.
– Go to YouTube.com, find any video of interest and post it on your blog (instructions here)
– Use a video download tool (like Torch or  KeepVid.com) to save a video file from a YouTube Video
– Use Windows Movie Maker to edit that video.
– Use your webcam to create and post your own video on YouTube.  Become a YouTube Star!  Guide here