• Register
    at PBWorks
    and upload one of your hot potato
    activities from week#2. Post a link to it on your blog.
    PBWorks Guide Here
  • Go to the Audio
    Experiment with recording audio.
    When you’re ready, record a short conversation with your partner.
    Topic can be anything you like

    • Things you like about spring in Busan
    • Likes and dislikes of TTP
    • How you might use Audacity in your teaching
    • Who’s more handsome – Hyun Bin or Rain?

    Save that audio and post to both of your blogs.

    Advanced Task

    It is fairly easy to post a link to your hot potatoes activities or
    audio recordings on your blog.  If you’d like to embed them,
    an extra step is required.
    To embed hot potato
    , use this code:
          <iframe src=”URL Here
    frameborder=”0″ height=”500″ width=”600″

    To embed an audio file,
    use this code: 

height=”27″ quality=”best”

If time permits, look at some of the websites listed at the
bottom of the audio guide and bookmark (with Diigo) those of interest –
remember to share them with the LearningCall group.  You can
also continue sampling sites from the Website
(note there’s a new section for fun sites).

Homework:  Post
at least one photo
with a short description on your blog (can
be from work,friends,  family, or anything else).
Next Week: Subscribe to all TTP Blogs using Google Reader – Google Reader Guide here