Week#6 – Storytelling & Storybook Resources

There are an ever-growing number of online tools and resources related to digital storyingtelling.
This week, your task is to check out and experiment with some of these.  Remember to Diigo anything you find potentially useful.

For comprehensive lists of resources, check out the
  Digital Storytelling Guide 
  Reading Resources

—-Abridged Lists—

Sources of Books/Reading Materials

  • International Children’s Digital Library   ChildrensLibrary.org
    The Alien
    1000’s of children’s books from around the world , sortable by age level and book type.
  • Story Online   Storylineonline.net
    Videos of famous people reading storybooks. Includes printable handouts with activities, but not the original text of the books. 

  • StoryBird    Storybird.com
    Allows users to make their own visual stories using contributed illustrations. Thousands of user generated stories to read and discuss.

  • FreeKidsBooks   Freekidsbooks.org    Free downloadable storybooks.
  • BooksShouldbeFree.com
    Public domain audio books available for browsing. Easy to search, nice interface.

Storybuilding Tools

Photo/Video Story Makers

Jeff’s Examples

From Dvolver.com  Our Love Story

 From StoryboardThat.com

You’re Still the One on PhotoPeach

 You’re Still the One on PhotoPeach

Other Stuff (Hour#3)

  • Post some kind of storytelling object on your blog.
  • Check your Feedly for new posts from classmates and others. 
  • Update your personal Quizlet