Week#7, Part 2 – Looking Back on Session#1

The Session#1 Buffet

  • Week#1 (Orientation & Confusion)
  • Week#2 (Activities, Quizlet, Pronunciation, Blogger Tweaks)
  • Week#3 (Hangouts, Reading Resources)
  • Week#4  (Video & Audio)
  • Week#5 (Image Editing, photo fun, comics, presentations)
  • Week#6  (YouTube channels, Padlet, Wordle)
  • Week#7 (RSS Reader & Social Networking)

Nothing new today.  Revisit the buffet and take another bite of whatever tasted most interesting. As you explore, think about how you might use these tools of preference in your teaching.

  • Post photos or videos on your blog
  • Customize your blog – change the theme or add gadgets like favorite links, recent comments, or a poll
  • Have a ‘Hangout on Air’ conversation with a classmate and post the recording on your blog
  • Create a Quizlet Flashcard set and post it on your blog
  • Create a Proprofs or Quizstar quiz and post it on your blog
  • Look through this list or this list of ELT blogs or search for blogs – add interesting ones to your Feedly 
  • Download an online video using KeepVid.com or Torch Browser
  • Edit a video with Windows Movie Maker
  • Record an audio file with Audacity, save it as an mp3 file
  • Create a Prezi or Google Presentation and post it on your blog
  • Create a survey using Google Forms and post a link to it on your blog
  • Create a Voki and post it on your blog
  • Use some of the site-buidling tools to create your own comic strip or funny photos
  • Create a Padlet or Wordle and post it on your blog
  • Explore some ELT social networking communities and write about your experiences on your blog