Week#8 – Brisbane Bound & Memrise

This week, we need to start preparing for the overseas portion of TTP.

Please add the romanization of your Korean name to this shared document

UQ Application Forms

Please save the form belows and open it with Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.  Resave it adding your romanized name to the end of the filename
(e.g. GroupProgramEnrolmentForm-Kim-Yuna.pdf)  Email the form to me at [email protected]

Explore the TTP in Brisbane Guide including the TTP Down Under Map.
Check out Mapping Tools Guide for information on how to use maps and and start adding locations to our collaborative map.

Another useful vocabulary site/app
Memrise.com   Memrise app:  Android    Apple


Full-featured sets

Memrise Book Club Sets:   TTP Memrise Group

        Wonder: Parts 2~4     The Book Thief (part 2 & 3)  

Quizlet Sets

Wonder The Book Thief
Quizlet: Part#1
Quizlet: Parts 2~4
Quizlet:  Prologue & Part#1
Quizlet (part 2 & 3)