Tools and Programs for Language Learning

Call Tools This list includes both web-based services and downloadable programs.  It is not a comprehensive list, but aims to provide a selection of reliable tools for various CALL related tasks. Activity & Quiz Creation Quizlet Proprofs Hot Potatoes QuizStar Script-O! Contentgenerator QuizEgg The Study Place Jeopardy Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Hangman … Read more

List of Computer Assisted Language Learning Websites

Language Learning Resources Online General Listening Glossaries Grammar Reading Vocabulary Pronunciation & Speaking Blogs Writing Young Learners/Elementary Fun Stuff Reference Games & Activities & Exams Tools  Jeff’s Faves   Jeff’s Favorite Sites (totally subjective) – reference and forums English Listening Lesson Library Online Free Rice Internet TESL Journal Links Sounds of … Read more

Welcome to (2024)

Welcome to the new   For years, this site served as the hub for a Technology Integrated Language Learning Course that was taught at Busan University of Foreign Studies.  That course is no longer active, but you might find some of the resources useful.

A few resources of note:

Former students, can find the session archives on the Original Blogger Site.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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