Building a Teaching Website

The main project for the remainder of  TTP2018 is for each trainee to build their own teaching website.  This can be for a particular class or for your teaching resources in general.  This week we are going to check out some of the options for hosting your site (and continue revisiting the buffet).

Course Website Options

A Blog (Blogger, WordPress, or Edublogs)

Jeff’s Sites:  Writingbridges    BUFS GSIT  BUFSENG  EnglishwithJeff 

Edublog Megalist of Class Blogs

An LMS (Learning Management System)

TTP Experimentation Course: 9W4DQ-NJ3SK

Google Classroom
   Video Guide: 
Google Classroom for Everyone its finally here! NEW 2017 Features

   Presentation Guide: Intro to Google Classrom

    TTP2018 Sandbox: Go to Google Classroom, click the + , and enter o99f9y
   You will be in ‘student mode’.
    To see teacher mode, log in with ‘[email protected]’  P/W TTP-Power