Revisiting the TILL Buffet

Trainees will soon begin building their own course websites and creating digital portfolios containing materials to be used in their future teaching.  Before doing so, let’s take another look at the buffet of TILL Tools and Resources. Look through this list and spend a couple hours getting familiar with items of most interest.  Post a summary of activities on your blog.  If you are overwhelmed by this megalist below, go to the bottom of this post and follow the simplified ‘What should I do?’ instructions. 

    I’m overwhelmed!  What should I do?

    • Go to Log in with your Google account.  Create a quiz for either your TTP class or your school class.  Make it a ‘homework assignment’ and post the code on your blog.
    • Go to and make a word cloud for one of your class activities.  Post it on your blog.
    • Add videos to the TTP MegaPlaylist , Elementary MegaPlaylist , or Secondary Megaplaylist   r make your own and post the playlist on your blog. How-to Screencast
    • Make a screencast with Ocam  upload the video to YouTube (unlisted) and post it on your blog.  This can be a ‘how-to’ or ‘show and tell’ video in English or Korea.
       How-to Screencast Screencast