Screencasting Guide


  • Why play a recording of yourself in your own class? 
  • Why spend the time planning, recording, and re-recording an instructional presentation you’ve done many times before in front of a ‘live classroom audience’.


  • How do you technically produce a watchable screencast video as painlessly as possible? 
  • Perhaps more importantly, how do you organize the content and design the presentation of a screencast to be engaging and effective?

Potential benefits of educational screencasting

  • Flipping Students can watch these instructional videos outside of traditional class time to prepare for the more hands-on application work they will do in class.
  • Remediation Students that process information more slowly can watch (and rewatch ) videos as needed.
  • Enrichment – Students that are ready for additional content or challenges can use your recorded screencasts to extend their learning.
  • Differentiation There is only one of you, but there can be loads of videos you have created, allowing students to explore different content as needed or desired.
  • Consistent Quality- You can give the same instructional presentation five or six times in class with varying degrees of effectiveness or take time to prepare your best and use that multiple times.
  • Attention OptionsSince you don’t have to focus your mental energies on ‘instruction’. you can focus on student attention and understanding
  • Reflective Practice –Even if you don’t use the recording in your classroom, the process of organizing, practicing, and reflecting on how you present lessons will make your teaching better.
  • Engagement we have become a screen obsessed society. Students can be more likely to pay attention to a video than a human, especially personalization and humor are included.

Screencast Software
Free (or freemium) screencasting tools
    Pointer Tools



    • Install Debut
    • Use it to record a one minute screencast video that includes computer sounds, voice narration, and on screen annotation (pointer, drawing, etc).
      Narration can be in English and/or Korean.
    • Upload the video to your Google Drive or (unlisted) to Youtube and post on or share it with just your classmates and Jeff