Google Tools

Google Documents
  Aside from Gmail, Google offers a number of services that can be very useful for educators. Below is general information about using Google Docs. You can find specific information about Google Presentations here.

How to create and share a Google Document

Log in to your gmail and click ‘Documents’.

Click Create new/Document
To change the Title, click ‘Untitled’ next to Google docs.  A Window should pop up where you can enter the new title. Click OK.
If you want to save a copy of this documen to your computer, click File/Download as/ and choose the file type you’d like to save it as.
If you’d like to share this document with other people, click ‘Share/Sharing Settings’.
A ‘Share with others’ window will pop-up. Enter the email address of the person(s) you’d like to share the document with.  You can choose to allow them to edit the document or just view it.  To share a document with Jeff, enter ‘[email protected]’ and please allow me to edit the document so I can make comments.  Then click Share.

Additional guides and support for Google Documents (if interested)

  • Register for a gmail account .
  • Create a  Google Document. Title it something like ‘Jeff’s first Google Doc’.  (Use your name instead of Jeff’s)
  • Complete this sentence in the document
    By the time I finish this course, I hope…..
  • Share the document with [email protected]