TES531 Final Challenge (Spring 2015)

The finish line is in sight! Many of you have completed your ‘CALL-in-action’ tasks and readings and so all that’s left is the ‘Final Challenge’ for this course. I would like you to produce a screencast or series of screencasts for one of the scenarios described below. I have scheduled a final TES531 Hangout for Thursday, June 18 at 9pm. This will be a time to discuss your work, ask any questions, and connect one last time as a class. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Scenario #1
Prepare a screencast presentation for future generations of TES531’ers.  This can include any or all of the following:
– Briefly introduce and describe some of the tools you found most useful.
– Provide a short ‘how-to’ videos for some of the tools you found most challenging to use.
– Offer some general advice on how to successfully participate in this course and navigate LearningCall.net  (don’t worry about hurting Jeff’s feelings – I want you to honestly address any confusions or frustrations you experienced)


Prepare a screencast presentation for current or future coworkers about how to implement CALL tools and resources into their work.
– Choose at least three tools and resources. Describe what they are and how to use them and  provide examples (from you or others) demonstrating how they could be used in your coworkers teaching environments.  

* The ‘how-to’ portion of each scenario can be done in Korean (or Chinese) if desired.  The goal here is to provide real technical assistance and sometimes that is a lot easier (for presenter and watcher) in L1.

These can be done as one long screencast or a series of shorter ones.  Total screencast time should be at least 5 minutes, but I’d welcome longer ones.  With your permission, I hope to use some of these in future courses to help smooth the way for those that follow you on the LearningCall journey 🙂

You can use any tool you like to record the screencast, but the easiest options are probably Ocam (downloadable program – download here ) or Screencast-o-matic.com (online too).  For a ‘how-to’ video, take a look at the Screencasting Guide using OCam or the Screencasting Guide using Screencast-o-matic. If you’d like to include your webcam in the recording, Screencast-o-matic will allow you to do so. All screencasts are due by June 20.  Please check to see if you can technically screencast as soon as possible. Do NOT wait until June 19. I will be available most evenings for the next week for virtual office hours if you need any screencasting assistance.   Once recorded, screencasts can be uploaded to your Google Drive and shared privately with me or uploaded to your YouTube channel and posted on your blog.

I’ll be standing by to provide virtual assistance and look forward to some interesting viewing. Good Luck!