TES531 Weeks #12~15: CALL-in-Action + Readings

Part#1 Materials

The goal is to have you ‘dig
deeper’ into the areas of CALL you find most interesting and put them
to use in the ‘real’ world (now and in the future) by working on
specific projects.

Create at least three blog posts that describe and demonstrate specific
ways that you might apply CALL tools to your likely teaching/learning
environments. These do not need to be complete projects, but they need
to be complete enough to show how you plan to use a particular tool or

Possibilities include:

  • Creating a new blog and designing it for use as a class
  • Using Quizlet to create a set of Flashcard-related
    activities for specific lessons 
  • Creating a Proprofs/Quizstar quiz, Google form, ppt game,
    or other activity for your class 
  • Recording a Google+ Hangout interview with someone 
  • Developing a collection of useful RSS feeds that Korean
    educators would find interesting (Feedly) 
  • Posting Clyp.it recordings or a series of
     Voki related to a particular lesson 
  • Creating and edited video for use in your teaching 
  • Demonstrating how you can use mobile devices in your
  • Creating maps, mindmaps, and/or graphic organizers for use
    in a lesson 
  • Creating a Prezi or Powtoon for a specific lesson 
  • Creating a comic-based activity from comics you’ve created
    (photo or video) 
  • Padlets and/or Wordles for specific lessons 
  • An annotated guide to useful Social Networking Groups for
    Korean educators (Facebook Groups, Google communities, LinkedIn
    Networks, etc) 
  • Make your own ‘how-to’ screencast guides  using
    Ocam or Screeencast-o-matic
  • Build and share a YouTube playlist 
  • ANYTHING ELSE that your CALL learning passions inspire you
    to create.

Please contact Jeff by May 29
to let him know what kinds of projects you plan to work on. This can be
via email, blog post, or Hangout.  All blogs posts are due by
June 12

Part#2 – Readings
The focus of this course has been
the practical application of CALL tools. There is however an academic
world of CALL in which people do research, develop theories, and write
papers. I’d like you to explore that world a little by finding a couple
of articles that are relevant to areas of CALL that interest you.
On the Readings
, you can find a list of journals, specific articles, and
a Google Custom Search that will allow you to search within a
collection of relevant journals.
Please find at least two articles of
interest and post a reflection on your blog for each. Reflections
should be at least 200 words and are due by June 9. If you have
problems finding articles of interest, please let me know what you’re
looking for and I’ll do my best to help you find something relevant.