TTP Spring 2015: The Rest of Session 2

Main Task (Weeks#10~14)    Imagine it is now September of 2015….
Congratulations!  You have been selected as teacher trainer by the Busan Office of Education!
(Of course, you will be compensated quite well.)
They are aware that you have completed the highly regarded BUFS TTP and would like to see a demonstration of how you might use CALL Tools and Resources in your present and future classes.  They’d like you to create at least three blog posts that describe different potential applications of CALL. These don’t need to be complete projects, just complete enough to show how you plan to use a particular resource. These can include materials to be used in class demonstrations. Possibilities include:
  • Creating a new blog and designing it for use as a class website
  • Using Quizlet to create a set of Flashcard-related activities for specific lessons
  • Creating a Google form,  Proprofs quiz, ppt game, or other activity for your class
  • Recording a Google+ Hangout interview with someone
  • Developing a collection of useful RSS feeds that Korean educators would find interesting (Feedly)
  • Creating an audio recording or Voki related to a particular lesson
  • Creating and edited video for use in your teaching
  • Creating maps, mindmaps, and/or graphic organizers for use in a lesson
  • Creating a Prezi or Powtoon for a specific lesson
  • Creating a comic-based activity from comics you’ve created (photo  or video)
  • Padlets and/or Wordles for specific lessons
  • An annotated guide to useful Social Networking Groups for Korean educators
  • Make your own ‘how-to’ screencast guides
  • Build a YouTube playlist or list of online reading resources
  • ANYTHING ELSE that your CALL learning passions inspire you to create.

By the end of week#10, please create a short blog post outlining your plans and goals. Feel free to integrate this with other projects and assignments.