TES531 Weeks #9 & #10 (+11): The Rest of the Buffet, Belated Intro Videos, & Looking Forward

Between now and May 10, I’d like us to get better acquainted as a class, finish up the Buffet of CALL tools, and reflect a bit on what tools and resources will be most useful for each of you in the future.

Overview Screencast

Part#1: Video Introductions

I enjoyed speaking with you all during Midterm Hangouts, and realized that we’ve never had an opportunity to meet as a class (face-to-face or virtually) and some of you probably have never met each other. I should have had you do this Week#1, but ‘better late than never’. Please record a video introduction and post it in our TES531 Band. The video should be at least one minute long and can include anything you like – info about your work, family, interests, etc. You can take us on a tour of your home, workplace or weekend getaway. The goal is just to get to know each other a bit. Here’s an example of one that I produced for my undergraduate course this semester.

The easiest way to do this is probably with your phone, but if you prefer to do so with your computer or in any other way, feel free to do so. If the video file is too large for the Band, you can upload it to your Google Drive and share the link in the Band. If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact me.

Part#2: Social Networking

Take a look at the Social Networking Guide and watch the Social Networking Screencast.

Explore some of the ELT groups and communities on Google+, Facebook, Diigo, LinkedIn, and elsewhere .

Join ones of interest, bookmark them with Diigo, and/or create a blog post about any interesting discoveries.

If you’re feeling ambitions, join twitter, find some people to follow and send out your first tweet.

Part#3: A few more Odds & Ends

These are sections of LearningCall.net that we have not yet covered. Take a look at these guides to see if there’s anything of interest.

Part#4:   Buffet Reflection

Once you’ve done everything listed above, I’d like to you to reflect on the questions listed below. You can respond with a written blog post or a recorded audio or video message shared in the TES531 Band.  Please post this by May 9 May 16. 

Looking back at all of the CALL tools and resources we’ve covered so far, which ones can you foresee yourself using in your (current and future) teaching, professional development, and personal learning? How might you use them?

  • Blogging (creating a course blog and/or student blogs, blogger tweaks) 
  • Social Bookmarking: Diigo (bookmarking) 
  • RSS Reader – following blogs and sites using something like Feedly
  • Activities: Quizlet, Crossword makers, games, Proprofs 
  • Presentations (finding online, creating with Prezi, Google Presentation, or Powtoon
  • Video & Audio (downloading videos, editing with WMM, editing audio, Voki and/or Clyp.it
  • Google+ Hangouts, Bands, other messaging/conferencing tools 
  • Image Creation/Manipulation and Editing (Photofunia, Making Comics, Irfanview) 
  • Learning Management Systems (Schoology.com, Socrative.com, or Classdojo
  • Site Building Gadgets (Padlet, Wordle
  • Mindmaps, Graphic Organizers (Creately, Gliffy) 
  • Assorted Web tools and Mobile apps: Speakit, Chrome dictionary, Google Translate
  • Social Networking – Google+ communities, Facebook groups 
  • Other tools and resources we covered (or not)

 What is on your CALL Wishlist? Which particular skills related to these or other tools and resources would you like to learn more about during the final five weeks of CALL?