The Rest of Session#2

Main Task (Weeks#11~14)
The rest of Session#2 will be spent revisiting CALL Tools of most interest to you and applying them to your actual teaching.  By the end of Week#11, please create at ‘To Do List’ of specific tasks you would like to accomplish by the end of the session. Post this list on your blog.  Possibilities include:

  • Creating a new blog and designing it for use as a class website 
  • Using Quizlet to create a set of Flashcard-related activities for specific lessons 
  • Creating a Proprofs/Quizstar quiz, Google form, ppt game, or other activity for your class 
  • Create a classroom management site using Eliademy Edmodo or Classdojo
  • Recording a Google+ Hangout interview with someone 
  • Developing a collection of useful RSS feeds that Korean educators would find interesting (Feedly) 
  • Creating an audio recording ( or Voki) related to a particular lesson 
  • Creating and edited video for use in your teaching 
  • Demonstrating how you can use mobile devices in your teaching 
  • Creating maps, mindmaps, and/or graphic organizers for use in a lesson 
  • Creating a Prezi or Powtoon for a specific lesson 
  • Creating a comic-based activity from comics you’ve created (photo or video) 
  • Padlets and/or Wordles for specific lessons 
  • An annotated guide to useful Social Networking Groups for Korean educators (Facebook Groups, Google communities, LinkedIn Networks, etc) 
  • Make your own ‘how-to’ screencast guides 
  • Build a YouTube playlist and post it on your blog 
  • ANYTHING ELSE that your CALL learning passions inspire you to create.
    You might get some additional ideas from the Week#10 Review List