Week #2

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Look at the Video Guide
– Explore the sites listed there
  Things to try…
  – Go to YouTube.com, find any video of interest and post it on your blog (instructions here)
  – Use a video download site (like KeepVid.com) to save a video file from a YouTube Video
  – Use your webcam to create and post your own video on YouTube.  Become a YouTube Star!  Guide here

Creating your own blog using
.com (Google’s Blog Service)

  • Create
    your Blogger Blog as shown in the BloggerGuide 
  • Go
    to the ‘TTP Spring 2012 Portfolios‘ Google Doc and add the URL of your
    blog in the appropriate row.
  • Decide whether you’d like your blog to be public or
    If you’d like it to be public, do nothing.
    If you’d like it to be private, watch
    this video
    , Go to your Dashboard/Settings/Permissions, and
    change your blog reader settings ‘Only people I choose. Please
    choose pufslebow at gmail dot com’ and jefflebow at
    gmail dot

    to do with your new blog…

  • Post a photo on your blog.  Instructions here.  Add
    the label ‘Photos’. 
  • Create a short blog post about anything you like – TTP so
    far, CALL thoughts/wishlist, Chuseok experiences,etc. 
  • Post a YouTube video. Instructions here

(Social Bookmarking)

  • Look at the Diigo Guide. Register at Diigo,
    join the Learning Call Diigo group, browse websites, and bookmark at least
    five websites. 

Skype (used to video call from computer-to-computer or computer-to-phone).
Skype Guide here.  If time permits, register for an account, update the 
TTP Spring 2012 Portfolios‘  and try skyping classmates. 

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