Word Games

Word Games

  • WordTwist – Online Boggle
  • Bookworm – my sister’s fave!  
  • PopWord – like Word Tetris
  • Group Boggle – Find as many words as possible as others around the world do the same
  • Wordit – arrange all letters to make valid words.  Timed or untimed.
  • MindFlipper – click on words and click submit.  The more words you submit, the higher your score. 
  • Wordspector – Find the ‘special’ word by guessing other words and being shown which letters are in the right spot
  • 4 pics 1 word
  • Jumble Solitaire – Solataire with words
  • Veggie Word Search – example of a word search
  • Wordmaker – lists all words that can be made from a larger word phrase

Sites with lots of Word Games

Mobile Games

Other Games

Word Lists

If you know sites for other online language games (or just fun ones), please post the URL’s as comments below.