Week #6

Today you can get seconds of earlier buffet items….

Your Blog: Post videos, images, change the template, add gadgets, user Reader to view and comment on other blogs  (blogger guide, reader guide)
Bookmarking:  Browse the Website Buffet, use Diigo (Diigo guide) to bookmark sites you like
Presentations:  Post a Google Presentation or Prezi on your blog.  Browse Slideshare for useful presentations (presentation guide)
Activities:  Sample from the huge Activities buffet, bookmark sites you like wit Diigo.  Create your own Hot Potatoes or Proprofs activity.
Assorted: Experiment with mapping, chat tools, and/or audio.

….or sample a couple other items on the buffet…

Social Networking
Check out the Social Networking Guide

Skype/Google+ Hangout
Add your Skype ID and Google+ Profile ID to the TTP Spring 2012 Portfolio Doc
Skype Guide   Gooogle+ Hangout Guide