Feel Free to spend this week reviewing earlier Skills 

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Photo Possibilities
The easiest way to post photos on your blog is shown here in the Blogger Guide. Example here
If you’d like to experiment with Google’s Photo service Picasa, here’s how.  Picasaweb.google.com
Picasa allows you to create and embed slideshows like this on your blog.
at least 5 photos with short descriptions on your blog (either five in
one single post or fives posts with one photo each).

Activities & Games

  • Look at the Activities Guide.  Check out the different sites and bookmark ones you like with Diigo.
    Optional Tasks: Create a Hot Potatoes Activity, upload it to Dropbox, and post it on your blog.  Use Google Forms (guide
    ) or Proprofs.com
      and try to  create a basic quiz
    or survey with at least two questions.  Post a link to that
    quiz (or embed it) in a blog entry. 

Chat Tools