Week#12 – Some final Buffet Items

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  • TTP Vocab 1: 3884624
  • Red Team Vocab 1:  3883987
  • Red Team Vocab 2:  3884604
  • Adjective Forms  3883979
  • Verb Forms  3883986
  • Empty Set: 3885542

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Padlet  – Using Padlet Screemcast

Our Demo Padlet – What are you most looking forward to during your time in Australia?  (food, shopping, learning, cultural experiences)  (previous Padlet Wall here)

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To Do 

  • Create Charades sets and post the codes on your blog.
  • Create Quizizz – post links on your blog and/or share live codes with classmates
  • Experiment with Graphic Organizer and Mindmap tools.