Week#14 – Things to Share/Explore

Graphic Organizers   and   Mind Mapping

Guide to Graphic Organizers and Mind Mapping Tools

Hyesuk’s Mindmeister

Create your own custom sets

TTP Vocab: BkZAZ6Jp8

(템플릿 좋음, 3D, 다 무료)
Youngjoo’s Demo

Bookmark It

Chrome exension for adding comments to YouTube videos

Genial.ly Guide video

Riddles, Logic Games, and Puzzles

Favorite Puzzle Making Site
  Discover Education Puzzlemaker

Others  (from the Activity Guide)

Video Download

SFW (not NSFW): Savefrom.net – Download from multiple video hosting sites

More from the Video Guide

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness in Education

Ways to Embrace Mindfulness at School

Mindfulness Resources