How to create and share a Google Document

How to create and share a Google Document

Go to you main Docs page.
* Google Docs is part of Google Drive.  Your drive includes 5GB of free storage space for documents and  other kinds of files. 

Log in to Google and and click the Drive icon in the ‘matrix’ or go to

Click Create new/Document

To change the Title, click ‘Untitled’ next to Google docs.  A Window should pop up where you can enter the new title. Click OK.

If you want to save a copy of this document to your computer, click File/Download as/ and choose the file type you’d like to save it as.

If you’d like to share this document with other people, click ‘Share’.

By default, new documents are private (only you can see them). You can change that setting to ‘public’ or ‘anyone with the link’.  In either case you will be given a URL that you can use to direct people to that document.

 If you’d like to share it with specific people, enter their email addresses under ‘Add people’ and click ‘share & save’. 

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