Week#2 (Fall 2011)

Today’s Agenda


  • Create
    your Blogger Blog as shown in the Blogger
  • Go
    to you main Docs page.  docs.google.com
    You should see a spreadsheet entitled ‘Fall 2011 Class# MegaContact
    Open that spreadsheet and add the URL of your blog on the appropriate
  • Decide whether you’d like your blog to be public or
    If you’d like it to be public, do nothing.
    If you’d like it to be private, watch
    this video
    , Go to your Dashboard/Settings/Permissions, and
    change your blog reader settings ‘Only people I choose. Please
    choose pufslebow at gmail dot com’ and jefflebow at
    gmail dot
  • Format your blog with Pages & Course Categories.
     Here’s an example of how you can
    format it and here are instructions on how to do
  • Post a photo on your blog.  Instructions here.  Add
    the label ‘Photos’. 
  • Create a short blog post about anything you like – TTP so
    far, CALL thoughts/wishlist, Chuseok experiences,etc. 

(Social Bookmarking)

  • Look at the Diigo Guide. Register at Diigo,
    join the Learning Call Diigo group, browse websites, and bookmark at least
    five websites.

If time permits (or if you get bored or frustrated with above tasks),
feel free to check out some future ‘buffet items’.

Finding, creating,
& publishing activities & games.

 Activities Guide  
 Hot Potatoes Guide

Creating, Editing,
& Publishing Audio files

Audio Guide